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Jan 22, 2010

Out in the City

We’ve all been to conferences where we spend copious amounts of time in small or large rooms trying to absorb as much of the important and salient information being presented as possible.  And, we likely don’t ever get a chance to explore the host city, especially if we’ve traveled from out of town.

Encounter 10 seeks to mesh the best of both worlds. We have a terrific roster of speakers, panelists and presenters that will orient our thinking forward as we seek to create art and culture over the next ten years.

But, it also opens up a lot more time for everyone to take advantage of other meaningful aspects of attending the Encounter – the city you are in and the people you are with.

During the “out in the city” time slots you can take advantage of both. You will be able to connect with new friends or reconnect with old ones at local coffee shops, restaurants or clubs. You’ll be able to head out the galleries and museums or catch a matinee.  You’ll be able to take more time for dinner and savor the flavors of NYC, and there’s more time each night head out and see a show.

We are working hard to compile a list of great events. Most of them will be free, some will have a charge, but all will be part of the world that ought to be as it is breaking through in New York City.